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Christine Woolf is an exhorter whose sense of humor and down-to-earth transparency allow her to connect with listeners everywhere. Her devoted study coupled with a sanctified imagination brings to life the very real people of Scripture. This helps provide a fresh perspective and greater understanding of God’s Word. Christine is then passionate about linking these new insights to practical life application while empowering the listener to act on what they’ve learned.


But no matter whether she’s recounting being a contestant on Wheel of Fortune or surviving a car/train wreck you’ll find Christine’s illustrations of these Scriptural principles anything but boring!  


Christine has made her living as a server for 40 years.  She has been married to the Love of her Life, Steve, for 30+ years and together they have 3 daughters. She exhorts in the Young Adult Service, Revolution, every Sunday morning at Alliance Friends Church. She is also the author of the book, Pick Me, Pick Me, and leads a Mothers Support Group and Women’s Discipleship group each week.


Christine has spoken across the country as well internationally. In fact, participants at a recent Women’s Retreat for The All Nation’s Church in Belgium had this to say about their favorite part of the retreat:

"Chris Woolf! The sessions broke me and put me back together again, in the way that the best sort of convicting truth does.”


“Chris has an amazing way of speaking to my heart” 


“Healing and restoration through Jesus” 

We pray that you, too, will find the healing and restoration that Jesus has for you through Christine’s ministry.

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