Tucked deep within the heart of everyone is a greatness that is locked away. This greatness commands praise to God as its final result. You have known it your entire life; you just didn’t know all the details. There is an indescribable unction that won’t go away. It is a calling of God.


Pick Me! Pick Me! will help unlock that calling regardless of any years of neglect, abuse, or confusion. Perhaps along life’s journey your heart has been wounded, which only lead to more rubble on top of your calling.


Today, God is calling you to believe Him and His words, that you were created to do great works, that people would see them and want to praise Him because of them. Let Him remove the rubble and finish the work He started before you were ever born.


The Holy Spirit’s anointing, your cooperation, and Pick Me! Pick Me! will combine to direct you in finding life abundant and full. We were created to bring God glory; let’s start digging! You are picked!


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